New Technology Hair Extensions

We also provide a wide range of hair extensions including Racoon, micro rings and nano rings which are all of superior quality.

Mini micro rings

The micro ring method is considered to be a very safe way at attaching hair extensions. There is no heat or glue applied and there is no need for harsh chemicals to remove them. Here at Ghost we are able to offer mini micro rings which are tiny copper tubes and are very comfortable to wear. The hair we use is of a superior quality and with the correct aftercare, can be used time and time again. There is a huge range of colours including ômbre. This method can last in the hair 9-12 weeks before maintenance is required.

Micro Rings

The Micro Ring Technique is considered to be the safest way of attaching the individual extension hair, as there is no glue applied so no need for harsh chemicals to remove them, meaning kind on your hair. For length, thickness and flashes of fashion colour.

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Micro Weft

Micro Weft hair extensions provide a fantastic way to add instant length and volume to your hair. Perfect for bridal hair, special occasions or trying out extensions for the first time. Micro Weft extensions give you an amazing natural look without breaking the bank. Clients are welcome to supply their own hair for this service.


Flexi-tapes are a new fast and easy method of hair extensions.
They lie completely flat in the hair and with correct aftercare, cause no damage. They act as a more permanent solution for people who use clip ins, or want more volume and can be reused time and time again. Maintenance is usually 6-8 weeks.